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GOOD Sleep

Good Sleeping bag

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Baby Sleeping Bag

유아용 멀티 슬리핑백

어린이집이나 외출용, 실내용에 모두 사용가능한 보낭형태의 이불입니다.
실내 및 실외 유모차등에 장착가능한 개성있고 재미있는 유아용 보낭이불입니다.



NapBedding set

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Nap Bedding

유아용 낮잠이불

유아동을 위한 낮잠이불세트입니다
어린이집 및 유치원등에서 활용가능한 해외 프리미엄 패턴 중심의 이불세트입니다.


"Insight Comes First..."

The New-Generation Lifestyle Companion.

ICF is a collaborative lifestyle products foundry

The concept of ICF is to bring change without change.
Because our basic needs are not subject to be substituted along the time, design, itself, will lead its renewal.
Our journey around the globe from east to west like the journey of the sun is the origin of our motivations to carry constant transition to your lifestyle.

Our creativity is a mix of our innovations and collaboration with designers from all around the world. As imagination has a different meaning to each of us,
ICF has no borders and show international perspectives through our design.

Through our eyes and the object, energy is created.